1 October 2017

Anne Kelly workshop

On Saturday, we were lucky enough to attend a workshop with Anne Kelly; a textile artist who, as well as teaching, creates the most amazing work using recycled fabrics, papers, collage, print and stitch. 

Some  of Anne Kelly's beautiful work she brought along for us to look at.

Anne is a lovely tutor who created a relaxed and easy environment in which to 'play' with the techniques she shared with us. 

Our theme was 'Drawing with Plants' with the aim of creating a folding, laminated, fabric book.

Everyone brought some inspiration with them by way of flowers, photos, fabrics and ideas of colours they wanted to use.

We started our day using a wonderful selection of Anne's printing blocks to stamp designs onto fabrics and papers to use in our final piece. We were also encouraged to draw designs directly onto fabric scraps according to our individual themes.

We then layered up our images onto our fabric base until we were happy with the layout - everyone's ideas were completely different!

Minnie Rapley's layout of beautiful greens and reds

Jo Walden's daisy theme taking shape.

Carolyn Saxby's 'Sunflower' theme.

Tanya Roger's 'Hydrangeas'  lay out

Sandi Bandy's design lay out

Once we were happy with our compositions, it was time to put a top covering of organza into place and then sew all of the layers together in which ever way we wanted.

Again, everyone had different ideas of stitching and embellishing as you can see below.  The organza and artificial lighting made photographing people's work a little tricky, so it was hard to do it all justice!

Sue Doggett's layout with organza on top

Sue Doggett's subtle colouring and stitching as well as including a Jean Anouih quote.

Sandi Bandy's lovely hand stitching over printed elements of her work.
Jo Walden used a mixture of hand and machine stitch on her daisy piece to great effect.
Jo Walden's use of french knots on her printed daisies
Tanya Roger's use of dense stitching to add surface interest to her piece.

Carolyn Saxby's lovely sunflowers through the organza layer.

Minnie Rapley's inclusion  of text and little french knots.

As well as group members, thank you to Debbie, Val, Suzy, Joy and Sarah who also attended and created some lovely work, some of which can be seen below:

It will be interesting to see everyone's books once all of the stitching and embellishing has been completed - hopefully we will have some finished pieces to share with you in the near future.

We all enjoyed the day immensely, with creative work being interspersed with coffee, tea, copious amounts of cake and chatter - what more could you wish for on a rainy day?

Huge thanks to Anne for sharing her techniques with us, and for making us feel so at ease. I'm sure we can take much inspiration from what we have learnt.


27 September 2017

A fond farewell...

This week we have said farewell to our good friend and group member Margaret, who sadly passed away recently.

It was a lovely service, with singing from the local Community Choir that she was a member of, and fond memories were shared by close friends and family.

Some of her work was put on display in the church by her family for everyone to admire, a few snapshots of which are below.

Margaret's passion for textiles was inspiring, and her love for colour is evident in her beautiful work.

As a founding member, Margaret contributed so much to St Ives Textiles and she will be greatly missed.  I am sure as our group moves forward, we will keep her in our hearts and minds and continue to be inspired by her enthusiasm, kindness and generosity, as well as her love for textiles.