8 June 2015

applying textile techniques and working into samples

today we would like to share some work in progress from members of the group
working into samples from earlier sessions and applying some of the techniques
we have been experimenting with to create finished pieces

working French knots and stitching with silver thread
on fabric decorated with rubbings with markal oil paint sticks

these images are the work of Sue Doggett

constructed using tyvek, fine gauge bead wire, beads and acrylic paints

since these photos were taken Sue has created some poppy seed heads from tyvek

and used wire mesh to create undergrowth

below is the work of Marilyn Weston

Marilyn has used texture magic to add texture to shibori dyed silk velvet
and plans to use it to cover a journal
Marilyn has also created this lovely quilted piece
using fabrics dyed with indigo and overdyed using the shibori method


Jo Walden's work is below

Jo has layered fabrics and has added nips and felt with the embellisher
to create texture on this landscape ... hand stitched seed heads add focus too

hand stitched seed heads on embellished felt on hand dyed cotton

and below ... constructing pods with lutradur, xpandaprint and machine stitching

machine stitching the parts together to form a pod shape

the inner pod takes shape

and here ... we have assorted pods by various members of the group
Margaret Garrood, Pam Badman, Marilyn Weston, Jo Walden and Maureen Haase

some of the pods have been coloured with golden mediums and acrylics

this is Margaret Garrood's beautiful pod coloured purple with golden mediums

the pods look wonderful group together
and will be displayed at our show in September