30 November 2015

Margaret's process sketchbook work

continuing on with sharing the process sketchbooks with a St. Ives theme
today we are sharing Margaret's sketchbook work

Margaret is using her love of Troika pottery
(the colours, shapes and textures of Troika) to inspire her samples

Margaret has gathered together lots of images of Troika pottery
and has used a viewer to focus on bold patterns and colours that she finds interesting
to work a series of samples looking at lines, form and tone

above - Margaret's sample in inktense pencils; and
below - sample worked in Berol wax crayons

these samples have a great depth of colour and strong design
above - neo colour water soluble wax pastels
below - soft pastels with superb blending

above - inktense blocks
below - oil pastels

above - rich koh-i-noor pencils with felt tip pen highlights
below - texture paste and acrylics (great texture)

next Margaret worked a mixed media collage incorporating papers and fabrics
and cut up into smaller pieces to create stitched samples
these are wonderful ... so bold ... such strong designs ... rich colours ...


Margaret is inspired by the iconic shapes, textures and colours of Troika pottery
below - you can see some of Margaret's colour samples
observing and recording the amount colour from her original source

and this is Margaret's piece of weaving in her chosen colours
sketchbook sample size

these are just a few of Margaret's samples
her sketchbook is already beautiful
and I expect you can't wait to see more!
*    next - sharing Jo's process sketchbook work