18 November 2015

Marilyn's process sketchbook work

This is Marilyn's progressive process sketchbook work

her work follows the same process as the other posts I have been sharing here
in that she made a hand made "viewer" from card and placed it on her chosen image
to narrow down a section before working a variety of samples in painterly media
above in pencil and watercolour pencils

acrylics applied with a brush and with a palette knife provide different and interesting results

below Marilyn has recreated the same section in water resistant and water soluble crayons

below left - torn paper collage

above right - texture paste applied to watercolour paper, heated and then painted with acrylics

this is Marilyn's collage base made by applying torn magazine pages, fabrics and yarns
with texture paste applied, heated and then painted with acrylics
the piece was approx. 8 x 12 inches before cutting into 6 pieces about 4 x 4 inches
the idea is to create a very random and "free" piece, which when cut up into the smaller pieces
will become mini abstracts inviting stitched details

these are Marilyn's six abstract samples with hand and machine stitching

below - Marilyn is looking at colour, in particular amounts of colour to be found in her samples
it's an exercise that helps you notice all the different tones of colour
and how some of the more subtle areas of colour are actually made up of many tones

exercises in torn magazine pieces, paints and yarn wrapping a wheel

hasn't Marilyn used a wonderful array of colours?

Marilyn's samples are beautiful and I can't wait to see more!

*  next - I shall share Margaret's process sketchbook work