17 November 2015

Maureen's process sketchbook work

Maureen chose to work her samples inspired by a painting by Terry Frost
I don't know which painting, in particular, it was
but I could tell at a glance, from Maureen's samples, that she was inspired by Terry Frost
you can see his work here and you will know what I mean:  Terry Frost
and, at the time of writing, there is a current exhibition of his work
at Newlyn Art Exchange (10th October 2015 to 9th January 2016)

Terry Frost at Newlyn

Maureen has used a viewer on her image and recreated the section in watery acrylics

and then created this small collage using torn papers, fabric strips, texture paste and paint

Maureen worked a variety of samples in various media looking at her image
these smaller samples are the result of focusing in on small elements of the original source image
they are such lovely strong shapes and colours to work with

Maureen used her smaller samples to work this one below
using texture paste and acrylics

heating the texture paste to create bubbles etc. ... a detail below

these samples below are from Maureen's large sample made using torn papers, fabric pieces,
texture paste and paints ... they were cut up into smaller pieces and Maureen stitched into them creating beautiful abstract pieces for her sketchbook

Maureen has added some great texture with pieces of melted lutradur and stitch
so they are very tactile

great texture (below)

textured and stitched abstract samples

mixed media - paper, fabric, texture paste, paint and stitch
each sample is approx. 4 x 4 inches

Maureen has continued to use her palette from her original source photo
and recreated various abstract samples by moving her "viewer" around the image

pretty stitched details 

Maureen is working some of her colour samples at home
(looking at amounts and tones of colour and how colours are made up)
but she got her weaving underway in class ...

using a strong and wide orange ribbon warp
her weft was colours were picked from her samples above

Maureen's sketchbook is looking great with a really good flow of samples
her images are strong and colourful and are very inspiring indeed !
*  next - I will share Marilyn's process sketchbook work