13 November 2015

Pam's process sketchbook work

continuing on with sharing the process sketchbook work from class
today we have Pam's lovely original inspiration and progressive samples

Pam has chosen to use an image she likes of St. Michael's Mount
and has given appropriate credit in her sketchbook

Pam used a hand made viewer to narrow down her image a little to a size she wanted to work with
and then followed my prompts to recreate the image in different art materials

Pam looked at the image in black and white and used 2B, 4B and 6B pencils
and then made colour studies using watercolour pencils and inktense pencils with a little water

Soft pastels, oil pastels, crayons and Markal Paintsticks (oil sticks)

these are great samples and really express how the different media have varying results

especially when materials are applied with different tools
such as acrylics applied with a brush -v- acrylics applied with a palette knife

acrylics are so versatile and can be used watered down which is great for shading
also, they dry quickly so are great to use in collage or on fabric
on the right (above) you can see Pam's collage made from torn paper
her chosen papers add interesting textures and tones

the sample above is a further collage Pam made on a calico base using torn paper and fabric
Pam took a photo of it before cutting it up into smaller pieces (below)

these are two of Pam's cut up squares (approx. 4 x 4 inches) which she chose to leave unstitched
(I love these - they have strong shapes and colours which are inspiring)
the rest of Pam squares are stitched into
with hand stitches ...

and (below) free machine stitching and using stitch patterns on her sewing machine

the smaller pieces are so interesting and fun, I think ...
you would never believe they came from Pam's original source of inspiration

below is Pam's colour wheel, created by picking out the colours from her various samples
looking at amounts of colour, the main colours from her work and the other more subtle tones

and (above) the same exercise using paints and torn magazine papers to pick out the colours
Pam went on to produce a piece of weaving and completed the other colour exercises
again, I hope to post a photo of Pam's weaving when the photo is available

*  *  *

19 November 2015

updating Pam's post with further colour samples she has worked

above - weaving with magazine strips using colours from her previous samples

fabric weaving

 and weaving on a hand made loom - keeping to her palette of colours
the samples look great together
*  next - I will share Maureen's process sketchbook work