12 November 2015

Sue's process sketchbook work

as a group we are currently exploring the theme of St. Ives
by working through a series of prompts and textile processes
for the next ten days I will share here how the process sketchbooks are developing
and today we have Sue's sketchbook work

Sue is using some photographs she took on a group visit to Porthmeor Studios,
the fishermens' cellars and, in particular, the current installation of maritime artist Mark Dion
you can read more about the maritime installation here if you wish

I got the class to use a hand made viewer to focus on a smaller area of their chosen image
and then to recreate the image using different art processes and materials
above - Sue has used acrylics applied with a brush

applying acrylics with a palette knife

looking closely at her image, Sue used oil pastels for this sample

as a class we worked around a dozen samples using texture paste, watercolour,
water soluble pencils and crayons, chalks, acrylics and paper collages with mixed media
exploring the point of focus
exploring shapes and colours
exploring how the different media affect the result

then, to move the samples on, I got everyone to work a larger collage in mixed media
using their original photograph/image and using the viewer to focus and using torn magazine strips,
small pieces of fabric, texture paste and watercolour or watered down acrylics
we each produced a collage and then cut them up into six smaller pieces about 4 x 4 inches

these are Sue's collage pieces
there are some great colours, shapes and details developing
and, although inspired by her original image, Sue's samples are already developing
and moving away from her original painterly samples


after cutting up, these small pieces become little works of art in their own right
the little collages are a good base for stitching and adding more texture
Sue's focus - the buoys, nets, baskets and fishing equipment
found in the cellars beneath Porthmeor Studios
the next step was to stitch into the small samples
here Sue has used a variety of stitches and materials to add texture and enhance details
fishing floats below

Sue used stitches to recreate the shapes and colours of fishing floats

 next, I got the class to work  through a series of exercises
looking at colour in more detail and amounts of colour in particular
these exercises follow on from the first series of samples
so Sue has picked out these colours to work with

a colour wheel wrapped with fabrics and yarns
and colouring in grids with paints and torn magazine pieces

looking at amounts of colour
 selecting these colours in fabrics and yarns to produce a piece of weaving

I don't have a picture of Sue's weaving but I will ask her for one
and will upload it here so you can see how we finished off our workshop day
we also looked at the colour wheel and the importance of colour
and at our next meeting we are working with colouring and dyeing fabrics

*  next- I will share Pam's process sketchbook work