5 December 2015

Annie's process sketchbook work

we are pleased to share some glimpses into Annie's process sketchbook work
for her St. Ives theme Annie was inspired by the work of Matthew Lanyon
and used one of his paintings as her original source

Annie used a viewer to focus on small areas of the painting
and was inspired to produce these small colourful abstract squares
they have very beautiful lines and tones of colour


Annie's strong bold painterly samples inspired some further interesting fabric collage samples

she has chosen to use some bold and interesting fabrics mixed with textured fabrics
and further enhanced with hand embroidery stitches

the black embroidery thread is a good choice for "mark making" stitches

these samples are great ... don't you think?

we hope to share more of Annie's work in the future

*    next - sharing Carolyn's process sketchbook work