6 March 2016

painterly samples on calico and linen

continuing on with sketchbook work
exploring painterly samples on calico and linen and creating texture

Sue's sketchbook samples were created with texture paste, acrylics
and lots of added textures with fabric, stitch and beads

exploring the theme of colourful buoys found in the cellars at Porthmeor Studios
these colourful samples (below) were inspired by seaweed

Pam has focused on an area of her image that she liked

and recreated the image by painting the background on calico
then using sheer fabrics and stitch to work some details

the next samples are from Jo's sketchbook

it's always interesting to see where ideas and inspiration come from
and how work develops from being playful with new products or techniques

Jo's used an image of "St. Ives" by Tom Holland for her samples
and used a hand made "viewer" to narrow down the image a little

the samples are experiments with acrylics on different weights of calico and cotton
and using the paints neat and also watered down for different effects

here Jo is focusing on colours and shapes from the original image

below Jo has used the paints watered down for a watercolour effect on calico

and below Jo has painted the fabric with paints to get the basic shapes
then used embroidery to enhance the shapes and colours

the next series of photos are experiments with using texture paste on calico
heating with a heat gun really adds some dimension
and the texture can be worked into with colour using acrylics

the colours Jo has used have been inspired by her original source

St. Ives Textiles meets again Monday 7 March

we have been working on a series of St. Ives cottages to be made into a banner
and will have some finished cottages and some "in progress" to share soon

thank you for visiting our site and taking an interest in our work