3 April 2016

St. Ives cottages in textiles

in January we began working on a joint project to create a banner
for our exhibition to be held during the second week of the St. Ives September Festival
(17 - 24 September 2016)
our theme this year is St. Ives
and we are each creating a 9 inch square cottage inspired by St. Ives cottages
that will be joined together to make one long banner ... about 90 inches long
sharing here a few "in progress" shots from January ...

by February the cottages are coming along nicely ...

some cottage are finished and others are still developing
but we had enough to create a new header for our website in February

and in March a few more cottages were completed ...

all of the cottages are "so St. Ives" and we have enjoyed working on them
there are more to share another time but why not come to our show
and see for yourself the clever use of materials and the details
thank you for visiting