29 November 2017

Lino Printing Playday

This week, we have had a very enjoyable 'in house' play day discovering the joys of lino cutting and printing.

The session was led by Minnie Rapley, who did a wonderful job of teaching us the basics and allowing us to use much of her equipment to explore this medium in a nice relaxed environment.

We brought our own sketches, photographs and design ideas to transfer to our pieces of lino, and took our time getting used to handling the tools (thankfully with only one minor injury!).

Due to time constraints, we kept our designs fairly simple so that we had time to cut and print more than one design with the emphasis on getting used to the process.

Sandi brought a flower and fish design to use, and transferred these onto small pieces of lino which resulted in some very delicate cutting.  Her usual fine eye for detail resulted in some some great results once the blocks were inked and printed.

Jo had her own fish and jellyfish designs which looked fabulous printed onto the hand painted fabric she had brought.

Sue chose some christmas themes, which turned out wonderfully - especially on the tea bag paper with two-toned colours.  These would make lovely card toppers.

Tanya had a couple of bold, simple designs to use, which again printed well -  particularly on the linen  which can subsequently be embellished with stitch.

A makeshift line was put up to help dry our samples in time for going home!

Everyone left the session having very much enjoyed experimenting with lino cutting and printing, with some members trying it for the first time.  There are so many ways this method can be used within textile art and it will be interesting to see if any printing will present itself in work for this year's 'Fur, Feathers and Fish' theme!

Thanks to Minnie for running this session, a great time was had by all!

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